My make-up blog.
Hi, I'm Florie, I really enjoy experimenting with make-up basically.
I would really like to be a make-up artist.
I will post any looks I do and also any I have seen that catch my eye and inspire me. Only the tjings I say I have done are mine.
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A touch of subtle blush

That is art on the face…please tell me you went somewhere to be seen?

Thanks! Haha I actually just went to a friends house! I do fancy makeup just to calm myself down sometimes. It’s very soothing for me.


I don’t care if you’re not into this show but you have to admit that some of these makeups are amazing, especially the dahlia cuts.

(Source: fzandre, via spookycactusboy)


Japanese shironuri artist Minori on the street in Harajuku with a vintage and handmade look features faux fur collar & attached tassel scarf, blue top, lace up platform boots & a small cat. Full Look & Minori’s World Documentary

(via theblacklacedandy)

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